Wednesday, December 3, 2008

10 Tips for Turning a Hobby into an Online Money-Making Opportunity

Do you have any hobbies you really love? Many of us do, of course, but what if I told you that you could turn that hobby into a money-making opportunity? People do it every single day, and so can you! Here are 10 tips to help you do just that!

1. Do you enjoy writing? Perhaps you keep a journal or write in your spare time. Why not become a freelance writer? There are many different opportunities available to freelance writers. Since network marketing and affiliate marketing have taken off, freelance writers are needed now more than ever. Hey, why not spend time writing and get paid for doing something you love?

2. Aha! A bargain hunter! So, you love waking up Saturday mornings and checking out the latest deals at yard sales, flea markets, and craft fairs! What if you could make a serious profit on some of those things you pick up? Sure. People do it all the time on eBay and Amazon! Just think of getting $45 out of that children's outfit you spend $5 on!

3. Like MySpace? Many MySpacers spend countless hours filling out fun surveys to post for their friends and family to read. Why not get paid to do surveys? There are big-name companies who will actually pay to get your opinion of their products! Simply register for a site and you will get e-mails when they have another survey for you! Sounds pretty easy, right?

4. Photography is your thing? Oh, so you're the one at every family get-together snapping those pictures and blinding people? Hey, why not get paid to do that? There are many businessmen and women who work online and would be willing to pay you for original, good-quality pictures.

5. You love graphic design? You know, online business is huge right now. People are in serious need of logos, banners, and ads for their online businesses. You can do exactly what you love and make a pretty penny for it!

6. Can you make a website? Then you can earn money online. There are some extremely smart businessmen and women who do not know how to build their own websites, and guess what - they pay a nice chunk of money to have someone do it for them. You could get your share of this profitable industry.

7. When you find great products, do you tell everyone? Yep, it looks like affiliate marketing could be your thing. You simply get paid to promote the items you really love. There are tons of places to get started, like and!

8. Are you a talker? You could easily find work with large companies who outsource their online customer service. You would simply answer e-mails or calls and get paid for it. This is all done from the comfort of your own home!

9. You have an analytical mind! Do you enjoy doing research for different hobbies or things you're interested in? There are many business professionals online who don't have time to research things they need info on, and so they pay virtual assistants to do it for them. Finally! A reward for all that researching.

10. Have a thing for languages? Again, a perfect opportunity to earn money as many people need translators to turn documents from one language into another. You can easily get paid a fair amount to do this kind of work.

The internet is absolutely brimming with great opportunities that are ripe for the picking. Cash in on your hobby today by utilizing the great tips above!

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