Thursday, December 4, 2008

5 Myths About Making Money Online and Working from Home

Making money online myths abound. Myths about earning money online include that of making big money. For any man or woman who is making money on the Internet or has a money making business from home, you certainly know what these myths are.

I earn money online (making money writing), and I also have a money making business from home that's offline (freelance editorial work), and quite frankly, I'm a little fed up with myths that surround men and women who are making money online from a home based business.

Myth # 1

Men and women who work from home earn big money. Where did this work myth come from anyways? Though many money making opportunities and money making scams claim to be home-based, this doesn't mean that stay-at-home money making ideas translate into big money. Just the opposite may be true, when you consider that the home-based office often lacks the tools necessary to carry out big business. Many work at home men, women and moms must invest 10-12 hours a day in their business just to pay basic bills.

Myth # 2

Men and women who work from home have lots of free time. Yeah, right. Maybe you've heard those money making secrets radio ads in which some fluffy voiced woman claims she makes $5,000 a month working only nine hours a week. She's a paid voice-over reading a script. These radio ad people speak beautifully: no stammering, tripping over words or other speech mishaps that a real interviewee would exhibit. That's how you can tell they're fake.

Myth # 3

Men and women who work from home feel socially cut off from the community and isolated. This is so untrue. In fact, a person at a regular job may feel isolated, working in a cubicle with no windows. Any time the home-based workers wishes for human contact, they can step outside and walk down the street and start conversation with the first person they see. Or they can head for the gym or park in the middle of the day.

Myth # 4

Men and women who work from home are lonely. The home-based worker has more freedom to take a break and socialize, than a person who's trapped inside a building in a traditional office job, or a person who's in a car, van or truck all day making deliveries or performing services.

Myth # 5

Men and women who work from home miss out on intellectual stimulation. I am more intellectually stimulated making money writing from home than I was listening to the mindless drivel of co-workers at the Denver Post where I used to work.

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