Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dangers of a Work Blog: When Blogging Goes Too Far

Even though an insightful review of your co-workers or recent company policy may seem like an attractive creative outlet through a work blog, many workers are struggling with integrity and ethical issues at the workplace. Creating a work blog is a common occurrence of hundreds of companies today, allowing workers to participate in an ongoing news updates of the latest happenings. However, some individuals that are creating their own, individual work-related blogs are seeing some unfortunate turns as a result.

Being productive at work often involves working online, and many bloggers enjoy posting their insights and updates on daily occurrences. However, there is a fine line between blogging for work, and working on your own blog at work. Company policies exist for a reason, and even computer and internet policies that are well-defined can prove meaningless when workers use off-work time to gossip and rant about the company, boss, or coworkers.

The famous ‘Queen of the Sky’ bought to light the risks involved with inappropriate comments and representation of a company on a ‘homemade’ site. Blogging goes too far when a company is featured in a negative light; especially by one of its own employees. Writing about your gripes at work, even on a personal website, can be discovered by a coworker or the competition. It can not only bring forward some raised eyebrows, but also some full-fledged firing. When it comes to hiring and recruitment, many companies can review candidates’ personal sites and blogs for some ‘insider’ information. If you’re published somewhere, it’s important to be aware of any ramifications or repercussions of anything and everything you’ve authored. Commentary, daily banter, and updates on the latest gossip are still best kept offline. With today’s easy-to-navigate web, it’s just too easy to unearth some skeletons in the closet.

Representing yourself authentically online through a blog, website, or social network is vital for long-term career, social, and public success. Companies themselves spend considerable amounts of marketing and PR dollars to ensure their brand identity does not get damaged easily. If companies are paying money for bloggers to share accolades of a site, it makes sense that brand identities and company protection are even more vital today. Work blogs that are geared towards internal employees are a productive resource for collaboration, networking, and increasing employee morale; however, individuals who choose to create their own blogging rants do run a risk with significant consequences.

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