Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Successful Ways to Make Money Online

Many people search for ways to make money online through the internet and have been unsuccessful. This article will explain one simple way for the beginner to earn some cash on the side. Through sites called get paid to sites or GPT sites you can be paid for signing up for free offers or trial offers over the internet. You can receive payment through check or PayPal. The best thing about these sites is that they are free to join.

You can earn anywhere from $.50 to $30 per offer you sign up for. These offers required different tasks such as just submitting your email address or zip codes, others may require you to complete a survey from one to four pages long., others may require you to register at a website and confirm your email address. Top dollar offers to sign up for are trial offers. A trial offer is an offer that lets you try their product from seven days to thirty days. You are then required to pay for the product or service if you use it for longer than the trial period. The good news is you can still get paid for the trial offer even if you cancel before the trial period ends.

If you don't want to do trial offers which require a credit card you can stick to the free offers. Free offers are easy to complete and take little time. Be very careful in signing up for GPT sites that require you to pay a fee most likely these are scams.

Here are some key tips in making these sites work for you:

1. You want to get paid right. The easiest way to get paid is through PayPal. This way you can get fast payments and to setup an account is free.

2. Be sure to use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser when using these sites.

3. Before you sign up for an offer or complete a survey you should erase cookies before and after completing each offer so that you will get credit.

4. Do not use fake names, mailing addresses, or credit card information, doing this can get your account deleted and you will not get paid for your efforts.

5. Use only your home computer when completing offers. Using work, library, schools or other public computers will prevent you for getting credit for the offers
you complete.

6. Many of these sites have a Terms and Conditions page and/or Frequently Asked Question page. Be sure to read these thoroughly before completing any
offers on GPT sites.

7. Keep a record of all the surveys and offers you complete, especially the trial offers. You don't want to pay after a trial offer is over if you don't really want the
product or service trying it.

8. Check your email frequently. You may need to confirm your email address to get credit for an offer or receive payment updates.

9. Get an extra email address. There are free email services from Google,Yahoo or Hotmail.

10. You must complete more than one offer to accumulate a decent amount of money.

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