Saturday, February 6, 2010

How SEO Boost Your Traffic Website

Learning a decent amount of SEO can be worth it's weight in gold and it can definitely make all of the difference in terms of your online success. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that you need to go out and buy every little eBook and course on SEO but it is worth getting to know. In my opinion SEO is a very logical thing to grasp and certainly something that can be achieved on your own if you use your own initiative. It's not easy, but consulting the right websites and forums should get you on the right track.

"In my opinion SEO is a very logical thing to grasp and certainly something that can be achieved on your own if you use your own initiative"

If I'm honest I have learnt a majority of my SEO knowledge from attending seminars. Many of the speakers at these seminars will give you small nuggets of information regarding SEO but if you bunch all of that quality information up into one SEO knowledge base you will have yourself a fair amount to work with. Similarly some beginners will look at SEO as this massive mountain that they are going to have to conquer before they see any sign of success - don't think this way. Good SEO is merely a beneficial thing for your site to have but if it is going to get in the way of building the site that you want, it really isn't worth that much. Productivity is crucial when you start out on the Internet and should come first, SEO can wait until you are up and running.

As James Schramko said in the recent interview I did with him, "I don't think you have to master SEO to have an online business but you have to recognise its importance in the business". This was very nice to hear from such a successful guy and a guy who displays such great SEO knowledge and even has his own SEO business. There are some things that you should know before actually getting started with Internet Marketing in order to gain better search engine rankings in the future, when your website is finished and they are...

1) Get a keyword rich domain name - By this I mean to basically buy a domain name that has as much relevance as possible to your online business or your chosen niche. For example if you sell an eBook which outlines exactly how to hang a door for DIY beginners, why not try and get the domain - this will go down very well in search engine listings when someone types in "How to hang a door", and it is highly likely that you will in fact rank #1.

2) Think about page descriptions - Similar to the domain of your website it is crucial that you also have a keyword rich 'meta name description'. When Google's robots crawl the web and find your website your description will play a big part in determining your search engine ranking for certain keywords. Use Google's Keyword Tool to find a keyword that generally receives a lot of searches per month (over 20,000 is always a winner) and drop that keyword into your description a couple of times. Although this tip alone is not enough to get you ranked #1 for your chosen keyword it will certainly contribute to your search engine ranking.

"You want to aim to keep every visitor interested and staying at your site for as long as possible"

3) Carefully choose your keywords - The third part to my quick tips to better SEO before you have started building your website is to carefully pick your chosen keywords which you are going to use to advertise your website. Relevancy will play a huge part in this, you must choose keywords that best represent your site/blog otherwise people will find your site and very quickly click back to the search engine because your site wasn't the one they were looking for. Every time this happens you are losing a potential buyer so this is a complete disaster because you have the traffic, you just don't have the right website that answers the person's questions enough for them to want to buy your product. Although it is hard to do you want to aim to keep every visitor interested and staying at your site for as long as possible, therefore they are more likely to click on your AdSense or affiliate links.

4) Write content that search engines will love - Although this would seem very obvious and easy to do it actually proves to be a lot harder that initially expected. What I mean by this is write keyword dense content so that the search engines robots will find your page over other people's websites. This way your site will stand out as being more relevant for a certain searcher than others.

If you apply all of the above 'quick tips' to SEO you will be well on your way to achieving that #1 spot on Google before you have even started building your website. Many people who don't take the time to implement these tips within the construction of their first website will find it extremely hard to succeed online - I even did it when I started. Another great reason to follow the above steps is that, when you decide to take on PPC advertising such as Google AdWords your website/landing page will receive a much better score because your chosen PPC keywords will show more relevance to your site content - thus resulting in lower bid prices and less costs.


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