Wednesday, December 10, 2008

9 AdSense Tips to Maximize CTR

1-Make your ads look like your content

Your AdSense ads should appear as part of your webpage. It should not look like an ad at all. People tend to be unenthusiastic towards advertising since they look for content in the internet not for ads. Banners especially have a response of 0.5%. An AdSense ad such as the usual banner will not be profitable.

2-Text ads are better than image ads

People respond more to text than images. It is deemed to be part of the online document and has a higher CTR.

3-No Border ads

Erasing the borders of AdSense ads and blending them with your site's background is one of the best tricks to attracting people to your ads.

4-No other advertisements

According to Google's Rules, the first reason is to be legal. Secondly, it is a more sensible reason that you do not want your visitor's attention to be distracted. If they are, they will go to another site without so much as a glance on your AdSense ads.


People will not react to an ad that they do not see right away even if it is the best ad. The best place to put your ad is at the top of your webpage. Second best would right beside your document's text. Your visitors will tend to click on it more since it is similar to your text.


Make use of legitimate ways of traffic. Some would use Google Adwords and the like. You just have to search cautiously for the right place and keywords so as to make your campaign cost-effective. Some of the other methods include: link popularity techniques such as link exchange directories, software or even mass blog submission techniques. Never use link farms and classifieds. Search engines have algorithms that can detect them and ban you on listings. However do not depend on just one website even though you can earn with it. It's much better to have other choices.

7-Relevant content is King

One of the best schemes to create huge sites which can be retrieved by search engines is by writing articles since search engines give the first relevant content in an instant. is an outstanding resource to automate your article directory procedure. This can help you create an article database in a short span of time.

8-Use site maps

Google's site maps go to your site. They crawl it faster than other submission process. You can go to for more information.

9-Relevant ads

This is one of the most significant aspects for AdSense success. A user will not click on your ad if he/she cannot find anything relevant. It is crucial to make an appropriate resource for your page. Do the following: First, save the file with the suitable name. For instance, if you are writing about golf, use this: Golf-Secrets.html. Your webpage will then be Next replace your title tag.

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