Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Using Google to Search for an MLM Network Marketing Home Business Internet Opportunity

It is amazing how people search the Internet for information. I mean look at the phrase mlm network marketing home business internet opportunity. That phrase could be searched who knows how many different ways. Google and Yahoo, among others, will take those words and turn them into millions of results in less than 1 second if you have high speed Internet.

How do I know that? Because I just did it.

What is amazing to me is that people including myself are now typing very long keyword phrases into the search bar of our favorite search engine to get very highly relevant results. This is what all of the brains at Google envisioned. Highly relevant search results in a matter of seconds. A person who types in mlm network marketing home business internet opportunity is saying several things.

1. They are looking for a way to make money on the Internet
2. The are looking for a home business
3. The are looking for a network marketing or mlm opportunity.

The Internet certainly gives us lots of options. I personally like SFI Marketing Group as a home business that can be done on the Internet and provides a compensation plan like a network marketing business. Although they are not really a true mlm they have a what they call a hybrid plan that combines the power of affiliate marketing and network marketing. They have an Internet based membership product called the "International Association Of Home Business Entrepreneurs", or IAHBE for short to do that.

When you join you get access to archives full of information on everything from advertising and marketing to taxes and how to build a website. You can make money by recruiting new affiliates, and building your own SFI Powerline is one of the ways that this becomes a MLM network marketing home business internet opportunity.

When you understand the power of leveraging your time through duplication it makes sense to do it online. The whole process is quicker and a lot less painful then running around delivering products or doing meeting in someone's house. SFI makes it easy to get started.

You can promote SFI or any mlm business online with pay per click advertising or build a website around relevant keywords that Google, Yahoo, MSN, or any search engine would like. This is called search engine optimization. Using Google to search for any long keyword phrase is a very good way to get a list of highly relevant results and help you find the exact information you are looking for. It is also a great way to mkae money for yourself.

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