Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beware of Chiropractic Website Marketing Promises

If you’re like most other chiropractors, you probably have a website online that you were told was going to draw thousands of new customers, but those claims have proven to be empty. Perhaps some webmaster enticed you with claims of past successes, but you still see no new patients walking through your doors. This is the reality of chiropractic marketing today. You’re spending tons of money and seeing little results. This is horrible news in these harsh economic times.

These webmasters are making a killing on you, and they’re trying to suck as many other chiropractors in as they can. No matter how wonderfully designed and professional your website looks, you can’t magically attract people to it just by the fact of its very existence. As the website continues to cost you more money, you need a marketing strategy that will draw people there, and it should cost you nothing.

If you’re a chiropractor that is seeking new patients and other forms of income, then you need to understand about internet marketing in today’s world. Marketing is what will bring people to your chiropractic website and to your office. Now, there are several types of marketing online from Pay-Per-Click, Banner Ads, email marketing, and social media marketing. Which one should you choose?

You need to understand that expensive marketing tactics are a thing of the past, and they will drown you if you continue to use them. Businesses are just beginning to wake up to the potential and necessity of marketing online, and social media is the Mecca of this new trend. When you start a marketing campaign through MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Digg, or LinkedIn, you will begin to see your business expand before your very eyes. And not only that, but these networks are totally free.

When you’re starting out in this massively popular marketing realm online, you need a mentor that can help you drive thousands of new visitors to your website. That means potential patients that are interested in your practice and want to know more. When you do this alone, you could potentially waste a lot of time and money trying to figure it all out with poor results. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

When you use video to market on YouTube or similar sites, you have a free outlet for your information that is directly targeted to your community. You’re going to see countless new patients walking through your doors, and the advertising works for you continuously 24 hours a day.

You can make thousands of friends online each month that will become interested in your practice and expertise. Imagine how much this would cost with a pay-per-click engine! When your video gets indexed at the ideal spot on search engines like Google, you won’t believe the success that will come your way. And all of this success can be yours for free when you know how to do it right and have the best guidance.

Webmasters want you to believe that your website is a self-contained success remedy, but it just isn’t true. That fancy website of yours can be a money pit if you don’t have the expertise to guide people to it. Social media marketing and Web 2.0 have the power to drive thousands of people to your site to learn about your chiropractic practice. And all of this can happen with minimal effort, even as you sleep!

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DrKeithCurrie said...

Right the point. Thanks for your nice information. As well as other marketing system chiroparctic marketing system should be well defined, targeted and verified. The good news is online marketing tools are very easy to reach and have advantage.