Thursday, December 18, 2008

Writing Poetry - A Guide to Making Money Online

Start a Poetry Blog
You must create an online website or blog to make money online writing poetry. A collection of poetry be written before creating a website or blog. Websites require too many details for those just starting out. It may be best to start with a blog and move up to a full website if desired. There are tons of blog hosting companies that allow you to register for free.

Once you have created a blog, start making categories for your poetry. These categories vary depending on what you like to write. Having categories on your blog will help readers navigate through new and old posts with ease. The design layout of your blog should compliment your poetry not damage it. You can add your first collection of poetry the blog after creating the appropriate categories.

Monetize your Blog
The second most important aspect of your poetry is monetizing. There are many ways to make money with your poetry blog. These opportunities include the Google Adsense and Adster programs. When you register for these particular programs, text advertisements are placed on your blog. Text advertisements are attractive to blog owners because they are not intrusive on the content included among the web pages.

Google Adsense is a good way to make money from writing poetry online. Visitors who read your poetry are exposed to advertisements that they may be interested in. You can make money every time someone clicks on a particular advertisement. Another way to monetize your blog and make money writing poetry is by joining other online affiliate companies. These companies offer various ways to make money including search engine marketing, referrals and banner advertisements.

If you are good at sales, it may be a good idea to sell text advertisements on your own. This may require some research and more knowledge of the web. You can set your own prices and make even more money from your poetry. Selling advertisements directly does not always work for everyone. However, money can be made this way if you think that it is the right path to chase.

If you promote it, they will follow
Promotion is essential in order to make money online writing poetry. However, the belief that advertising or posting a few links will automatically generate millions of visitors is unrealistic. You must promote your poetry blog on a frequent basis in order to generate a significant amount of readers and money. It is also important to expose your blog and poetry people who are more inclined to read it. If you write love poems, it may be best to market your blog through relationship and dating groups. Poetry that is related to a specific group's interest will attract the most visitors to your blog.

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