Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bloggers Resource List

While there are mountains upon mountains of articles regaling the almighty blog, many of them throw out major ball players, leaving the small fry behind. Just about everyone has heard about ad sense, delicious, and so forth, but what about Kanoodle, or Qads? Sure the well known companies are popular for a good reason, but like many of us out there, I prefer to dine on a wider array of options. When selecting which companies to work with, more choices increases the chances of finding 'the right fit'. So here is a list of resources for bloggers. It doesn't cover all the companies out there, in fact there might be quite a few missing, but it's a good head start!

Pay Per Click Advertising

Ads-Click - Bloggers set their own rates, but keep it realistic.
AdBrite - The writer chooses the appearance, and has more control over the ads.
ABC Search - Just another second-tier option.
BidVertiser - This large network PPC program just can't seem to keep up with Adsense, but one of these days....
Chitika - It's not the traditional pay per click scenario, but hey, who needs tradition?
ClickBooth - States that they have the highest pay rates....this is yet to be decided.
Clicksor - Contextual ads program. Mediocre.
DoubleClick - A targeted PPC option.
Google AdSense - One of the most well known of all the PPC opportunities out there. Potential members just need a google email account to join.
Kanoodle - Its Yahoo and Google's illegitimate twin.
Miva MC - They have both PPC and PPD advertising options.
Qads - Ad program from Qumana. Just think, you can show the world your Qads. Cheesy gotta hate them.
OneMonkey - Worse than Revenue Pilot, they get eighty percent of the blogger's revenue. RevenuePilot - They keep sixty percent of what the writer makes.
Search Feed - This company plays around with targeted PPCs.
Targetpoint - They're less judgmental about blog size.
Yahoo Publisher Network - Think Adsense, but on Yahoo. Monkey see monkey do.

Text Link Advertising

AdSter - You get a small amount of creative expression. The author can customize ads to match the website.
Direct-Link-Ads - Not the best, but not the worst. You decide. They keep seventy five percent of the ad revenue.
Kontera - Create contextual links automatically, not too certain about the pay. Haven't heard too many negative comments regarding this site.
LinkAdage - Love Connection in a different form. They match advertisers to site content.
LinkWorth - They keep up to seventy percent of the blog revenue.
Live Customer - Have HTML based advertising and flat monthly rates. It may be stable, but lacks income generating potential of other companies.
PaidTextLinks - This is a small program, not very well known.
Text Link Ads - The king of paid text links. - This is the minor leagues. They are a small company when compared to Text Link ads.
Text Link Brokers - They make dough by selling links in a directory on your site.
Vibrant Media - Not very familiar with this site, however quite a few individuals mentioned they're "cool".
YzMedia - Small fry in a big pond, but somehow this text link advertiser manages to keep up.

Banner Ads

AdEngage - Photo ads are combined with a text message, so it's a bit classier than the traditional glare in your face, and flicker until you seizure banners.
AdDynamix - This company offers more options than just banners.
BannerBoxes - This is nice...the blogger, not THE COMPANY, keeps seventy percent of the that is just downright generous!

Affiliate Programs

Amazon - Sure, Amazon has grown a few hairs over the duration of its program, but they're a solid organization to link with.
Azoogle Ads - They claim to be the largest performance based online advertising network. Funny how I haven't heard of them....
Click Bank - This company handles downloadable affiliate material.
Commission Junction - They are running next to next with Amazon. This is one of the leaders within this category.
Context Links for Amazon's Affiliate Program - Affiliate links are formed to products sold by Amazon.
LinkShare - Supposedly they have the highest pay out rate.

Paid Reviews

PayPerPost - They have 'assignments' where you accept a gig and write a positive review about it on your blog. Creative form of advertising.
ReviewMe - Earn an income reviewing other sites and blogs.

Miscellaneous Sites

Acknowledge - This site has various tools for web, email, and search engine inventories.
AdSpaceAuctions - This programs sells ad space on websites via an auction. Higher traffic means better offers.Ads by RSS - Using RSS feeds, ads are placed on sites. - They have a plethora of ops available, including video links.
Auction Ads - The blogger's site displays goods found on E-bay, and earns money for it.
BurstMedia - Put it on the list, but not too familiar with it.
Casale Media - The blogger gets to choose what to put on their web.
IndustryBrains - This outfitter has a little bit of everything.
IntelliTXT - They play around with contextual ads, with video options.
Openads - And yet more online advertising software.
PremierAd - They're similar to a buffet, and have a lot to offer. The best part is the blogger keeps eighty percent of the revenue.
The News Room - Place their links on the site, make some extra dinero.
TextMarks - Text message alerts. Does anyone else find these annoying? The blogger DOES get paid for putting them up on their page.
ValueMedia - They offer a few options, and aren't bad to work with.
Yesadvertising - Bloggers get a wide array of choices which include email, banners, pop ups, and contextual ads.

Sell Ad Space

ADSDAQ - The blogger sets the price, and the company matches it to advertisers set rates.
AdSonar -This company sells ads that match the tone of your site.
AdVolcano - Also known as the negotiation station, the blogger sets their own prices and ad sizes.
BlogAds - Here you actually have the opportunity of selecting which ads appear on your site. Crisp Ads - Blogger sets the price. RSS Feed
Fedafi Publishing Network - Monetize your feed with this plugin.
FeedBurner Ads - As long as you subscribe to their services, you can use their advertising links.
Feedvertising - They run text links ads in the feed.
FeedShow - PPC ads are placed in the feed.
MediaFed - Not too familiar with them, but this company works in the same manner as MediaFed.
Pheedo - They offer PPC ads.
PostPostWordPress Plugin - Ads and affiliate links are displayed alongside the feed.
Yahoo Publisher Network - They place PPC ads in the feed.
Job Boards
Joards - The blogger gets seventy five percent of the revenue by placing a job board on their site.
Job-a-matic - Works the same way as Joards, but the pay varies.

WP Plugins

AdRotator Plugin - The blogger selects the ads, and the company rotates it on a random basis.
AdSense-Deluxe - Ads are placed within blog contents.
AdSense Injection - Places ad sense adds throughout an existing blog.
Amazon Media Manager - Ads Amazon affiliate products to the blog.
Buy Me a Beer Plugin - This is a fun way to ask for donations. There's a link that asks them to buy you coffee or beer if they like the post. Cute.
CafePress - If the blogger wants to sell their own products on their site, Café Press offers services for self advertising.
EasyPayPal WordPress Plugin - Combines the blogsite with Paypal so that the Blogger can receive donations.
Google AdSense Referral Rotator Plugin - Refer others to Adsense and make money.
Last Amazon Review Plugin - Displays the bloggers most recent review of a product listed on Amazon along with an affiliate link.
Text Ads Link Widget for WordPress Sidebar - This widget makes it simpler to show ext ads on the sidebar.
WPAds Plugin - The plug in shows and rotates ads.
WP E-commerce Shopping Cart Plugin - This shopping cart plus in hold numerous features for those interested in integrating it into their site.
YAK - Like the's a shopping cart plugin.

Realistically, blogging will not turn any of us into the next millionaire, but it can evolve into a nice income stream. But hey, with persistence and tlc, anything is possible!


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