Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to Make Money Online - Beginners Guide

There are hundreds of ways of person can earn money through the internet, but too a beginner it may be a little confusing. Whether you want to make a few extra bucks or whether you want to generate a comfortable income there are ways. Here are some things you can do to make money online right now.

1 - Affiliate Programs. The very first thing you should to do is sign up with 1 or two affiliate programs. Such as Clickbank and Commission Junction. As an affiliate you will be promoting other peoples products online and you will receive a set commission (usually around $14-$25). You will then need to find ways of driving traffic to your affiliate pages. If you can get enough people to the sales page then you will get a sale.

Usually for every 200 people that see the page, 1 of them will buy. So as an estimate for every 1000 people you refer to the page 5 of them will buy, and if your making $20 commission then thats $100. There are many different ways you can drive traffic to your affiliate page. Here are some ideas,

2 - Bum marketing is essentially a form of "niche marketing". The theory revolves around search engine optimization (ranking high in google) for articles that include your affiliate link. What you would do is research keywords on Wordtracker that get a decent amount of searches per day, but that don't have that many results (under 50,000 when using quotes). After this you would head over to Clickbank and find a product to sell that matches the key phrase / niche. Make sure the product is appealing to your audience.

Then you would write a short 400-600 word article and include the keyword or key-phrase in your title and a few random times through out the body. You would also include a link to your affiliate product at the end of the article. If you submit it to popular article sites like GoArticles then there is a good chance that Google will index the your article and include it within the top results for the key-phrase you selected. Once this happens people will click on your article through Google and hopefully some of them will click on your affiliate link and buy your product.

3 - Blogging. If you've been on the internet for any short length of time then chances are you know what a blog is. Blogging can be a great way of generating income and a great way to sell affiliate products. There are many different ways of earning money through blogging, and affiliate sales are only one of them. This method takes a little longer than the "Bum Marketing" method, but it pays off nicely over time.

All you have to do is pick a topic that your interested and start writing about it. Its a good idea to get your own domain as that looks more professional, but you can also use free sites likes Wordpress and Blogger. Once you have a topic (Such as celebrities, horses, cars, etc) all you have to do is start writing away! Once the search engines index your site you should start receiving visitors. In order to make money at this you would need to promote affiliate products in some of the articles you right. You can also set up Google Adsense which pays your every time someone clicks a link.

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