Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Online Payment Providers Offer Fast, Easy and Cheap Money Transfers

Money transfers were used to be made over banks. With the widespread use of Internet this changed. Now we have many payment systems that help us send money easily and conveniently.

Online payment systems are cheaper than bank transfers and they are convenient as they keep your financial information secured. Online payment systems are used for money transfers between people or making online purchases.

We have many alternative online payment systems. Choosing the right online system is very important. The online money system you'll use should be secure, worldwide available, and should have low commission rates.

The biggest online payment provider is Paypal. PayPal is used in many countries by millions of people. Paypal works fully functional in 37 countries. In other countries the usage is limited. The limits change from country to country. In some countries you cannot withdraw your money. And in some countries you can only withdraw to your credit card. In risky countries you cannot receive payments. You should check the Paypal website if your country is allowed.

PayPal can be used for making online purchases, sending money transfers or selling merchandise over the Internet. PayPal also works as a credit card merchant. By using PayPal you can accept credit cards on your website. Also PayPal is the most used payment method in eBay.

PayPal has three different account types. Personnel, business and premium. Personal accounts are mainly used for purchasing merchandise on the Internet and sending money transfers. Business and premium accounts are mainly used by merchants.

When you sign up at PayPal you have to pass through verification. This is done by charging a small amount on your credit card. Then you have to check your statement and enter the amount charged. This way you can be a verified member. Unverified accounts can only send and receive up to hundred dollars.

One of the other wide used online payment system is Epassporte. Epassporte offers many deposit and withdrawal options. You can fund your account by credit cards, bank transfers or transfers from other Epassporte users.

One of the cool features that he Epassporte has is virtual credit cards. With your virtual credit card you can make purchases on the web without revealing your real credit card number. Also you can state the limits on your virtual credit card so that unauthorized charges cannot be made.

ATM debit cards is another cool feature. By only paying 35$ you can get a ATM debit card. And with this card you can reach your Epassporte funds. You can withdraw money from thousands of ATM machines worldwide or you can make purchases.

There are many other payment providers available. But PayPal and Epassporte are the largest ones.

When using an online payment provider you should take some precautions. First of all never share your passwords with anyone. And choose hard to guess passwords. Beware of the phishing mails asking your personal information. Payment providers never ask for your personal information by mail or by phone. If you take these precautions you can be sure that your online money is safe and secure.

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