Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to Make Money Online : PTC & PTR

Do PTC (Pay to Click) Sites pay me out?

PTC sites provide a service that helps business owners promote their WebPages, and they pay you a small amount to view those ads. All of them have referrals programs you can get more people to join the site and increase your revenue, the earnings from referral programs can go between 10 to 50% depending on the site. You can subscribe to the one of your preference, since this is something you can do while doing other task online.

Writing Review sites?

These types of sites pay you to write about products and services you and others use. Is like giving your opinion so other make up their minds and buy certain products. Some of them pay you right away, and if you think is not fair enough, you can decide to leave you review published in the site for ever, so people would vote for you and the money you'll make will depend on how many views and votes you get. The process is slow and takes some time for you to make a decent pay, and you have to give up you writing credits also. So it's up to you to decide, less money now, or more money? If you if you want to make more, to publish many articles and reviews for it will increase your views possibilities. Make sure to share you article links into your blogs, profiles, and social networks.

How about getting pay to Complete Task sites?

Sometimes you've got to be ware of those sites, some of them pay you some money for filling applications and to join websites using a valid email, other pay you to play online games, the ones I've never trusted, those that pay you for downloading and trying software! Why don't I trust them? Simply because they are filled with spyware that gathers info from your computer and in

stall suspicious applications that are almost impossible to uninstall from your PC! So be ware of those tasks!! If you still like other offer from the site, skip those dangerous ones.

Getting pay to complete Surveys:

I have nothing against those sites, at least not now. One important thing you should keep in mine before singing up in any of them is to check the certification BBB logo on their main page, and also the Hacker Proof logo that guaranties that your info won't be used by any other suspicious hostess but the ones allowed in the site. These sites ask you some information about yourself, products you use, and other info you can choose to share with them so they could send you the proper surveys, remember to answer consciously, that would help them determine which surveys and suitable for you.

Do I get paid to Post?

Yes you do! Those are my favorite sites and the ones I recommend the most since is less stressing, how ever, they demand more of your online time but still you can do it while clicking adds. I think posting is the most fun way to earn money online! Those sites pay you for chatting, talking, posting, making blogs, answering, helping others, uploading photos, getting referrals and just for being there! Fun, Fun, Fun! And the best part, they do PAY!

Getting Pay to Search:

Some sites pay you for each time you use their search engines to get to find anything you need. Many use major search engines like Yahoo and Google. So you won't miss at all searching the traditional way. Just set them as you initial page and you're done! Make sure to make valid searches, since due to recent Scams attends; they have tightened the security and send you fault e-mails. Don't get scared if you get one, it happens to us all.

You can check out some good money making sites, and see what you can do with them, once you get the ideas you'll come up with many other making money sites along the way. Remember to try them before you discredit any!

Important things you should keep in mind:

Always check for references before you join a site, like getting payment proofs using search engines, reading comments other users have made about the site, and always remember to never, never, EVER listen to only one source opinion, since thee are many people out there trying to sell you their sites and referrals, buy saying this or that is a good one.

If after reading others experiences, you still decide to join, you are free to see for yourself and form you own opinion of the site which is a wise thing to do. Some unsatisfied used, discredit a webpage, just because they didn't like it or because they were kicked out for doing something bad.

Don't forget to check if the is site international friendly (if applicable to you), many of those sites don't take international users. Another tip is to check the payment method...some sites use Paypal to pay you out, but there are also other services like Alertpay, Moneybookers, etc. If you don't have and account on any of those sites, you can get one for free, but you will need either a bank account or a credit card to certify your account. (That means you'll need any of those so you can withdraw the payment from your virtual account).

No site takes unverified accounts!! But don't worry, if you don't have any credit card, you can register a friend or a family member that does, at least you'll get a verify account until you get your own and they won't charge anything unless you sign up for a business account to take Credit Card payment and that'll cost only US$1.95 deducted from the Credit Card you registered, that account will allow you to accept credit card payments from anyone.

None of the making money sites will ever ask you for your account details, they will only ask you the E-mail you signed up with on Paypal or other virtual account service you've chosen, and they will pay you only using that...Be ware of SCAM, nobody will ever ask you to login or send you any email links for you to enter your login information. If you need anymore help, about security, checking your balance info o r about getting a virtual account, check their WebPages and learn more about the services they offer.

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