Friday, December 19, 2008

Tips on Making Money Online This Christmas Season

All around the globe, economic recession is going on. We feel sorry and dejected with our current financial situation that even Christmas holds no excitement for us.
But do you know that wallowing in a bind such as this, or triumphing it is your choice? Yes, Christmas need not be unhappy because the real meaning of Christmas is not about being financially well off. Having love and peace reign in your heart is the true spirit of Christmas.

But be that as you may, you need extra cash to buy those gifts you would like to give your loved ones and friends. Cheer up! Nothing is too big a problem to an innovative mind. Spark your imagination!
Here are some ways to make extra cash for Christmas!

1. Prepare personalized cards for your friends.

Before the Yuletide season, announce your purpose. You need not be an artist to do this. If you'll make use of the computer for virtual cards , you'll get much assistance from those computer gadgets online.

If you are to make actual ones, then all it takes is imagination and creativeness. Be daring to try out new themes and styles. Use shells, twigs, dry leaves, pebbles, flower impressions to prepare your cards. Look around you, there are numerous free materials you could make use of. With a cardboard and some glue, you're good to go.

I personally know of someone who made Nativity scenes with old newspapers.
He crumpled the newspaper into forms and colored them. They came out very unique and before he knew it, orders were flooding his door. This is because, they were very cheap and quite exotic.

You could be ingenious too, do not think this is beyond your ability.

2. Sell Christmas Raffle tickets.

You must have attractive raffle prizes. For example, selling a $ 2- $ 10 raffle ticket for a microwave oven- prize, is a good one.
You could even opt to go big time;
sell the tickets for $100 each and
have a refrigerator for a prize is one example; or $ 200 each, for a car prize.

Be sure to prepare sufficient raffle
tickets though, to cover the cost and simultaneously allow you to earn some money.

3. Sell homemade cookies.

Almost everyone loves homemade cookies. This is because they are delicious as compared to the bulk, commercially prepared ones. If you know how to turn an oven on and off then purchase a good cookbook and start cooking. Arrange ten (10) pieces each in cellophanes and wrap them with Christmas wrappers and presto, you have a gift bag ready. You would be surprised at how it would sell like hotcakes when you bring them to work.

4. Buy Christmas materials in bulk and sell them in retail.

Not everyone will be ordering 2 Christmas trees or a dozen lights, etc. Buy them by the dozen and sell them one by one to your co-workers. You should buy them in advance so that you would be certain your co-workers have not purchased them yet.

5. Work overtime.

As is customary, overtime work should be" double your pay". But if this is not possible then, have sidelines at work; like moonlighting as a secretary or cashier or librarian. There are lots of sideline jobs you can do within 2-3 hours. What about baby-sitting?

6. Sell your old books.

Check your collection of books. There will always be something to be discarded. There are several internet sites which buy old books.
Make an inventory of your old books and sell them. These sites even refund your money for the mailing/and or shipping.

7. Be an online, freelance writer .

There are several sites which are accepting contributions just like Helium.
If you have a blog, you would be surprise at how you could earn good money in blogging about products of advertisers. The requirement for a blog is that, it should be at least 3 months old and has good traffic.

You could also write reviews . There are also forums that pay for your participation. I could go on and on; but be careful of scam sites. Research in the internet first before commencing.

You can earn money online. This is not impossible to accomplish with a determined mind. If there's a will there's a way. As Master Jedi Yoda said: " Do, there is no try."

These are only a few of what you can do to earn some extra cash. You could still think of several more based on the locality where you reside.

Do a little research about what people in your neighborhood need more these holiday season, and provide that need for some extra cash. Good luck and happy holidays!