Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Six Steps to Network Marketing Success Without Selling

Tom Spinks was a multi level marketing genius. After discovering the secret to network marketing success, he started his own MLM vitamin company. In his business magazine Millionaire Blueprints, he recently revealed his secrets and they are really six simple steps. These six activities are key in screening out only those who are truly motivated and interested in your opportunity.

This secret method does not involve any of the following awkward sales techniques usually used in multi level or network marketing programs:

No Cold Calling.

No asking family members or friends to try out your products or sign up to sell.

No direct selling in people's homes.

No website needed.

No email list or direct mail campaign.

First, create an enticing three line classified ad and list it in the "Business Opportunities" section of the classifieds. The "Business Opportunities" section is usually listed on the Real Estate classified page. Set up a toll free phone number and use it for the ad. In the ad, ask the potential members to call a 24 hour recorded hotline for more detailed information.

Next, create a message which explains the opportunity. At the end of the message ask the callers to leave their name and address so that you can send them more information.

Now you will start to gather real prospects. People will call the toll free number and either listen to the entire message or hang up. Those who leave a message are becoming your possible downline candidates.

After the caller leaves their name and address, mail them a packet of information with your business card. Those who receive the information still have the choice of whether or not to follow up with you by calling you directly (instead of calling the toll free recorded message).

When the prospect calls you, this is your opportunity to communicate the selling points and benefits of your program. Notice how so far, you have not made one call or sent one email to any of the people you know. Only truly interested prospects have found their way to you via this technique.

The last step of this process is the best. The prospect joins your downline. You can offer to be a mentor to this person and give him or her the same exact advice that you followed to sign up new members. If you share the knowledge, you will find your downline expand and your bank account grow!

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